South Orange NJ Real Estate

South Orange NJ Real Estate - SOPAC - Homes for Sale in South Orange NJSouth Orange is a quaint residential community boasting authentic Tudor, Colonial, and Victorian homes, streets dotted with gaslights, beautiful parks, and a bustling Village center. Everyone loves the vibrant center of the Village which includes Eden Gourmet Supermarket, Starbucks and Above Restaurant. The town is one of only a few in New Jersey to retain gas light street illumination. The gaslight, together with the distinctive Village Hall, has long been the symbol of South Orange. Many of the major roads in town do have modern mercury vapor streetlights (built into gaslight frames), but most of the residential sections of the town are still gaslit. There have been claims that South Orange has more operating gaslights than any other community in the United States. Many residents commute to New York City, but others work locally or in other parts of New Jersey. South Orange has a central business district with restaurants, banks, and other retail and professional services. There are a few small office buildings, but no large-scale enterprise other than Seton Hall University. We can help you find your dream home for sale in South Orange NJ.

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