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Towne's Pledge to Real Estate Sellers in NJ



When you call Towne Realty Group, LLC for a consultation this is what you can expect from us:

  1. TRG will set up two appointments with you. First to see your house, take notes, learn why/where/when you are planning to move and make suggestions on staging and preparation for sale.
  2. TRG will enter you into our email database and begin sending you information on listings that are of interest to buy or homes that might be competition for yours.
  3. If you are moving out of the area, TRG will introduce you to a top agent in that area.
  4. TRG will help you assess whether you can buy without selling and we recommend Mortgage Lenders who can run your credit and put your buying power in writing.
  5. TRG will prepare a thorough market analysis and sales strategy and come back to your house for a second visit to present the report. (This is confidential material and we request that it not be shown to other agents or reproduced and shared in any other way than as review for your private use.)
  6. TRG will explain the process of selling a home. How the system works, how the agents operate, the timing, the legal ramifications (TRG can recommend attorneys to advise you) the strategy of optimal pricing, the marketing, the costs to you, the requirements of you, the home owner, by the township and the state of NJ, to meet all regulations.
  7. TRG will prepare a complete marketing plan with a two-month calendar of activities.
  8. TRG will write a checklist of all that you need to do to prepare the house for sale.
  9. TRG can give you the names of contractors and workmen who can assist in the preparation phase.
  10. TRG can recommend professional designers/decorators who can assist with staging and we often do this ourselves for clients who are on a tighter budget.
  11. TRG will give you the top 40 issues that crop up on home inspections so you can correct any red-flag items.
  12. TRG can give you the names of inspectors to conduct a pre-sale inspection so we do not have any surprises after you sell.
  13. TRG will review all home improvements, insurance claims, disclosure items and make you aware of many environmental hazards that can interfere with a smooth sale.
  14. TRG will go over all items that you wish to include or exclude from the sale.
  15. TRG explains all of the paperwork that is required to proceed with an exclusive and/or multiple listing. We sign all the forms and the disclosures.
  16. TRG will bring in a pricing committee to help give you an idea of what some of the top agents would recommend as the right range of value, in addition to our own opinion.
  17. TRG provides different commission options depending on the service and marketing required.
  18. TRG gives you samples of our previous ads, postcards, e-flyers, brochures, fax notices, invitations, slide shows, web-postings, email blasts, interactive floor plans,virtual tours and let you choose which pieces are most appealing for promoting your property.
  19. If you cannot be home to meet vendors TRG will supervise window washing, carpet cleaning, painting and other jobs that require access to the house.
  20. TRG will contact the local building department to determine if you have any open permits and we will provide that list to you, so you can get any open permits resolved.
  21. Once hired, TRG immediately schedule the drawing of floor plans and the photography.
  22. TRG sends you copies of all photos to choose which ones you prefer for all materials.
  23. TRG sends you copies of preliminary floor plans so you can make corrections and we have those changes implemented.
  24. TRG writes sample ads and postcards and let you revise as you wish.
  25. TRG orders a tasteful for sale sign to go on the front lawn if you have no objection.
  26. TRG makes copies of the key for us, and our assistant and we return your original key (if requested).
  27. TRG learns the alarm code or garage code for access and we keep that confidential.
  28. TRG gets the names and numbers of your housekeepers, babysitters or caretakers to make sure they know who we are if we come in when you are not home.
  29. TRG gets your office numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, vacation home numbers and find out the best way to communicate with you at all times.
  30. TRG plans all ads, webpostings, postcards and printed materials and give you final approval.
  31. TRG plans the date to enter Multiple Listing and the date for the Broker Open House and the Public Open house(s).
  32. TRG will enter complete MLS with 25 high quality photos that also go onto various websites immediately.
  33. TRG inputs into the computer a three-hour open house and TRG attends the opening to greet the agents- we often stay later to accommodate agents who missed the regularly scheduled time.
  34. TRG emails all local agents to remind them about the open house and how to arrange showings.
  35. TRG posts your house on twitter, facebook, LinkedIN, foursquare and Google+ to THOUSANDS of followers, friends, connections, and circles for maximum exposure on social media.
  36. TRG puts up balloons, a blue Realtor flag or open house arrow to let agents know which house it is.
  37. TRG Lets you know how many agents attended, what the feedback was and if we need to run a 2nd open house quickly. (Was the weather bad, were there too many other open houses that day? etc.)
  38. TRG cleans up after open house and be available for all showings.
  39. TRG will call all agents for feedback on showings and call or email you daily with the information.
  40. TRG will read the lockbox when applicable.
  41. TRG sends you updates of all other listings, price changes, pending sales or closed sales as they relate to your property.
  42. TRG continually talks your house up in town, in our office and to other agents.
  43. TRG will see all the competing properties so we can describe what you are up against and let you know the realtor scuttlebutt on those homes too.
  44. TRG sends you copies of all ads as they appear so you know that they exist.
  45. TRG assists in the bidding process with a clear first round and second round offer format.

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